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    Let’s Talk Toners Toners are a very simple step that don’t require as much thought as cleansers, but are still a vital part of developing a good skincare regimen. Every time I hear the word toner, I am reminded of a brand that was huge when I was a kid called “Tone”. It was a body soap and had...
    Cleansers! How Many of Us Have Them? As you can tell by my title, I’m a little into playing on old school music greats in my writing as denoted by a play on the song “Friends” by Whodini. However, we are not gathered here today to have musical trivia, but we are here to discuss the triple...
    Clear Skin is IN: You Are What You Eat and Drink! Hold on to your seats boss beauties because this is not your Grandma’s Noxzema regimen we are about to discuss. No offense to Grandma of course. My grandmother, Mollie Davis, used Noxzema for as long as I could remember and when she passed away...
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