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We love our couples and fortunately, they love us too. Now because of this bond we typically share with our couples we are privy to be a part of their life’s canvas, even in the smallest of ways. We know we are a beauty concierge service, but we value the relationships we build with our clients and love to express that by sharing the beauty we bring in their images coupled with the beauty of their love.

We introduce to you Angel and Garry. Angel came to us by way of a referral from wedding planner Algene Thomas. We are always excited about referrals, but never know what to expect; however, we always look forward to the opportunity of connecting with a new bride. On the day of Angel’s engagement shoot, in walks this pretty, little petite young lady with natural hair and an afro-centric vibe that immediately resonated with me. We connected through conversation of tattoos and our love for all things ancestral. Angel noticed that I had a West African Adinkra symbol on the inside of my left wrist and I noticed her Adinkra symbols and African inspired tattoos as well, so when I learned of she and Gary’s plans for a African inspired ceremony it came as no surprise. All I could think is, I hope she books because I would love to be a part of that amazingly themed and symbolic union.

We talked and laughed while I completed her makeup for her engagement shoot and as I had hope, she absolutely loved it. Shortly thereafter, Angel booked MCA, then known as Fancy is Flawless Makeup Artistry for her wedding day. Now, some months have gone by and she and Gary have welcomed baby Laila into the world, so we wanted to spotlight how first came love, then came marriage, and now here we have the Warren’s with a baby carriage.

Here is the story of Angel and Gary:

Gary and Angel met 8 years ago on a popular site that was “hot” when they were in high school for people that were in their age range. From there they continued to cultivate a relationship and found commonalities that would eventually bond them for life.

Angel is a registered nurse and worked night shift at the time. On this particular Monday night, she was having a horrible night at the hospital and text Gary all night to vent her complaints. On the next night, she dreaded having to go in, but sought to find solace in her boyfriend Gary, who was lying on the couch, by snuggling up next to him. Before she could lie down, Gary flipped the covers off and began to play Angel’s favorite song by Bob Marley, “Is this love”. Angel said, “He started telling me all the reasons why he love me and then sat me down and pulled out my ring.” She was speechless and confused because she had just awaken and was still upset about what had happened at work the night before. Gary, then displayed a beautiful gesture of love and commitment that spoke to Angel’s love language…INK. Gary had gotten new tattoos depicting Egyptian Hieroglyphs and an Adinkra symbol meaning, “Angel, I shall marry you.” It wasn’t until then that Angel understood and the tears began to fall.

Gary and Angel had a beautiful wedding in which the MCA team had a part in as the makeup artists and because of the bond we developed I had the privilege of attending the wedding.

The biggest surprise of all came on the day of the wedding, when Angel revealed that she was indeed pregnant with “peanut”, which is the cute name she and Gary affectionately coined for her. Initially, Angel said, “I was nervous, scared, and honestly mad because she had no plans of being a mother.” However, that soon changed a Laila grew right below her heart building a bond that would never be broken.

These newlyweds are now new parents and we got to be a part of it all from engagement, to wedding day, and finally the maternity shoot. As you have seen the photos throughout this story, which were all captured by the amazing photographer known as Angela Blake, they depict this impeccable journey and unbreakable love that we now know as Angel and Gary.

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