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It is a momentous occasion when we get to take a journey with our clients, especially when they are our friends. Ebony Jordan is one of our faithful supporters and clients, so shinning a light on her love story is a treat for us. As we feature her love and her journey of the love created from that, who is now affectionately known as “Deuce”, you will see how we enhanced this beauty for her maternity shoot.

In 2012, our client Ebony met Theo Dabon while volunteering at Impact Family Counseling Center. They were both youth mentors. She said, “It’s funny because he tried to date me at that time but I was already dating someone, and I brushed Theo off.” That resulted in Theo saying okay and moving on or so she thought.

As destiny has a unique design of its own, Ebony and Theo kept crossing paths every once in a while at the center, football games, festivals, and of course educational events with their mentees.

Let’s fast forward to 2014. Now at this time Impact Family Counseling hosted their annual holiday banquet for sponsors, mentors, and mentees. Ebony attended the event and saw Theo there. She caught eyes with him, spoke, and then left pretty quickly after the banquet was over. Well, the next day she received a Facebook inbox message from Theo. The message read something like “Hello beautiful, you got out of there fast last night. I was hoping to talk to you more after the banquet. How is your day going?” Ebony said that she waited several hours before even responding back. Once she responded, their communication continued through Facebook and then turned into phone conversation. One thing that really intrigued Ebony, was the God centered conversations they would have.

After extensive communication, Theo asked Ebony out on a date. “At first I was a little skeptical about going on a date because relationships and dating just wasn’t going in my favor”, said Ebony. After, calling her mother for advice and receiving words of wisdom about letting God do His work instead of focusing on what she wants. Her mother reminded her that when it’s God’s way, favor is all over it.

Now feeling self-assured, Ebony took the plunge and went on a date. She was smitten by the simple things he did to woo her, such as meeting at the park, going out to eat, movie dates, and even inviting her to his church. Ebony needed the simplicity because it showed her that he was really into her and knowing who she was as well as what she was all about.

After a year, they became more serious and she realized how much Theo loved and adored her. “He loves me flaws and all”, she said. Ebony recognized that he was her number one fan and was able to confirm that they were praying for and about one another. Theo revealed that God told him that she was his “good thing” and as God’s perfect plan would have it, he was hers as well.

Now two years later, a sweet little baby boy who is a little over a month old, and a wedding set for September 2017; Ebony and Theo are still “Meant to Be” and continuing to write their love story.

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