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The time that my clientele and followers have been waiting for has finally come and I hope that more of you come along on this journey with me as we delve into new and unchartered waters with “The Rebrand”.

Those of you who are new to Marliceia Chavers Artistry are probably thinking what’s “The Rebrand”? Well, picture it, Sicily, in 1922, just kidding, my Golden Girls humor pops up from time to time.

When I first established myself as a makeup artist, the name of my company was Fancy is Flawless Makeup Artistry. I loved that name and everything it stood for. I was so proud to create something great from nothing at all and only hoped that it would work. Well here we are, 4 years and a whole lot more insight later bringing a fresh new aesthetic to our company. With growth comes change and we have definitely raised the bar.

Marliceia Chavers Artistry has coined itself as your premier beauty and bridal concierge service. We cater our style specifically to the bridal, beauty, and editorial makeup scene. What does that mean? It means we have decided to take our brand from high end to full on luxury by offering better service, a customized beauty experience for the everyday woman, makeup education in the form of workshops, and full service luxury bridal experiences.

Yes, bridal is our baby and we have pulled out all the stops. Now we offer mini facials, makeup, hair, and barbering all on-site for your wedding day! We have an awesome and friendly staff that is ready and willing to pamper you from head to toe.

We have expanded and continue to expand our high end artistry product range to ensure we have everything we need to give every client a customized and catered experience.

We are also obviously incorporating beauty blogging into our brand; however this will not be your average stop for product reviews and nifty beauty hacks, although, we will have some of that. We want to speak on inner beauty, infuse fashion, and art into our blogging and of course spotlight our beautiful brides, special clients with awesome stories, and any events we attend that are beauty or blog related.

By the time you are read this, our website, social media, and new and improved services have already launched, but the big event will all take place on January 15, 2017, which is the actual launch party. Get your tickets here to help us celebrate in style. We will have food, beverages, swag bags for men and women, and a whole lot of fun.

It is my honor and privilege to present to you, Marliceia Chavers Artistry, your premier beauty concierge service for bridal, beauty, and editorial makeup; where we aim to help you be the most beautiful you because we’re more than just makeup.

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