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Winter Regimen Series

Week 3

Let’s Talk Toners

Toners are a very simple step that don’t require as much thought as cleansers, but are still a vital part of developing a good skincare regimen. Every time I hear the word toner, I am reminded of a brand that was huge when I was a kid called “Tone”. It was a body soap and had a very catchy commercial that said, “I tone it up from my head to my toes; I tone it up so my skin’s got a glow; I tone it up.” I know, I know you are probably thinking, what does that have to do with anything? Well, the part that references glow is pretty accurate.

What is a toner?

A toner is a water based liquid with a consistency like that of vinegar containing active ingredients to address specific skin issues. It removes debris like excess oil and makeup. It serves as the “terminator” in my opinion. Whatever your cleanser may have left behind, the toner serves double duty in cleaning any excess residue. However, that is not all toners do. They soothe, smooth, and repair the skin’s surface while also diminishing blemishes and minimizing signs of redness an inflammation. This is where the “glow” comes in I was talking about. Toners help to reveal that inner healthy glow that we all desire. Who knew such a simple step could have so many great benefits.

Toners are good for all skin types, but especially suit oily and acne prone skin. Typically every skincare line has a toner that compliments the cleanser chosen, so it is an easy find. Just be sure to read the claims and pick based on that.

How do I apply a toner?

This application process is simple. Most toners have a screw top with a small opening in the top of the bottle. You simply take a cotton round or cotton ball and apply about a quarter sized amount to it and then wipe all over your face. You can even take it a step further and cleanse your neck as well.

Some toners come in a spray bottle and in that case, all you have to do is spray the toner directly to your face being sure to avoid your eyes. Next, take the cotton round or cotton ball and wipe it across your face and neck and there you have it.

As you can now see, toners are not one of those overly complicated steps, yet they serve a great purpose in the care of your skin.

Next week, we will cover the 3rd and final step of a developing a simple skincare regimen; moisturizing.

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